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Hey there and welcome to VoD's official website! Here you can see our progress, which classes we are recruiting at the moment and our latest bosskills!

After some time of thinking about it, i have taken the decision to lead my own successfull raiding guild. As backup, i've got Fizzleduke, my lovely little officer. We are aiming to make it become a well known guild with fast progression. We are only looking for patient and mature people with skills. We are a new guild so it will take some time to make it stable, but i am sure it will happen. What im trying to say is that if you are here for easy loot or achievments and not for having fun and help us progress, dont bother applying as it would only waste ours and your own time. Also, we have an interest in doing rated battlegrounds.

I wish you the best luck with your application! :)

> >  HOW TO APPLY  < <

A guide made by a professional, for nubs.


This is pretty obvious tbh, but lets go anyways.

#1 Press *Join Vendors of Doom*. You will register an account to our website which will be needed in order to apply.

#2 Log in and press the button "Forums/Apply" Located next to the buttons Home, roster and helpful guides.

#3 Go into the Forum called "Applications"

#4 Now go into the topic called "Application template" which is posted by me, Thorny.

#5 Copy the whole text and go back to the previous page. Make a new topic by pressing "New topic".

#6 Paste the text in and answer the goddamn questions. Wasnt too hard was it?


Recruiting most classes at the moment.
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Thornytauren, Jan 22, 11 9:37 PM.
Will do some heavy recruiting later today.
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